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Building a Stronger Community

Roots of Montessori is a grassroots non-profit organization working to make environmentally-based education using Montessori philosophy available to all children regardless of income, gender, nationality or family orientation. We do this through bursaries and scholarships to our eco award-winning, partner Montessori school and specialized educational programs, after-school clubs and summer camps for Niagara youth.

Over 100 Years of Montessori

The Montessori system of teaching is over 100 years old with numerous research studies proving its effectiveness yet it is not widely used in public education. By only having Montessori education in the private sector it keeps too many of our children, our future leaders, in a system that does not work for them. By keeping tuition costs low, offering bursaries and scholarships to those who need and deserve them and creating specialized educational programs we are opening up the stage for a more inclusive educational system that meets the needs of every child. These are the children who will one day step into our shoes, become our local, national and global leaders. They will be responsible for coming up with the creative solutions to future challenges. It is our responsibility to ensure that every child has the knowledge and skills to be successful.

Our Opportunity

There are a number of vital programming options in the Niagara Region for secondary and university students, but we need to start earlier. Elementary age children and adolescence are in a unique transition period that will shape how they see the world around them. This is an opportunity to guide them on a path of exploration as they begin to see outside of their family unit and begin to enter into a community of peers and mentors that will pave the way as they grow to adulthood. This is the time to act, to show each child that they are capable of creating change, taking action and finding their place in a growing community.

We invite you to look through our website and consider making a donation in support of Niagara’s youth. If you have questions or comments please send us a message at