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Erdkinder Program

This is a time when youth seek to understand their place in society and their opportunity to
contribute to it.

Maria Montessori called adolescents “Erdkinder” or “Earth Children”. The Erdkinder Program is based on the recognition of the special characteristics of adolescence and focuses on understanding human interdependency with the natural world.

Integral parts of the curriculum include:
  • organic gardening
  • apprenticeships
  • student-run businesses
  • long-term projects
  • day and overnight field trips
  • student-directed studies
  • studies in sustainability that combine academics with knowledge of community and global living

Curriculum meets the academic standards set forth through the Ontario Ministry of Education.

Roots of Montessori School is an extraordinary model of education that provides adolescents with:
  • an opportunity to benefit from an interconnected, hands-on education that is not available in the traditional educational system
  • specifically designed schooling for their developmental stage in life
  • a strong connection to nature and the environment
  • an opportunity for collaboration with peers in running a business and involvement in monetary responsibility
  • personal accountability and an understanding of the far-reaching impact of their daily decisions
  • the development of self-expression and self-esteem through music, art, public speaking, community volunteerism, and theater, etc.
  • the practical values and skills needed to become mature and well adjusted young adults

The Erdkinder Program is slated to begin in 2016/2017

Life-based education… preparing the next generation of strong, mindful leaders

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