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Specialized Programs

Tomorrow’s leaders forging creative solutions to future challenges.
At Roots of Montessori, many different cultures, values, circumstances and viewpoints come together to engage in learning. By ensuring everyone’s voice is heard and understood, we build a community from our diversity.


Roots of Montessori exists to serve its communities: local, provincial, national and global. Just as our education and experience shapes the world, the world in turn shapes what we experience and what we teach our students. Through reciprocal learning, Roots of Montessori has the power to influence society for the better. Donations support many initiatives that bring our organization and its communities closer together, making the world a better, more inclusive place.


Bilingual Montessori Elementary Program

Erdkinder Program

Outward-bound Style Expeditions & Outdoor Skills Programs – Coming Soon

Summer Camps

After School Clubs

Fine Arts, Craftsmanship & Woodworking

Music – Coming Soon

Social Justice & Responsibility Programs

Sports – Coming Soon


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