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Planned Giving

Every dollar you give means students have more opportunities to learn and communities have the chance to grow stronger. There are many different ways to make a lasting impact at Roots of Montessori. Find out how you may contribute to an important and lasting legacy for deserving students in the Niagara Region.

For more information on Planned Giving contact


Making a donation is a wonderful way of paying tribute to a family member, friend, teacher or colleague.  Your gift honours their positive influence in your life while supporting current and future students from the Niagara Region.

There are two ways to make an in honour or memorial gift.

1)    ) Contact our office and indicate that you would like to make a gift in honour or in memoriam and let us know the name of the person to whom you would like to pay tribute.  If you would like someone to be notified of your donation, please include their contact information.

2)    Make a donation to a special tribute fund. Special tribute funds can be established in honour of a person, special event or anniversary, or in memory of someone special who has passed. With a named award, you can choose the personal qualities or achievements that you would like to nurture and reward. By making a donation to the named fund, you are paying tribute to that person, as well as supporting a Roots of Montessori project that is or would have been meaningful to her or him. This is a wonderful way to create a lasting tribute, providing a way of ensuring that the person or event will be be recognized and celebrated for many years to come.

Many companies encourage their employees to contribute to charities by offering a “matching gift” program. This means the company will donate funds equal to the employee’s contribution to the same fund, effectively doubling the gift.

If your company does not participate in corporate matching, but you are interested in starting a corporate matching gift program where you work, please contact

Your charitable donation is tax deductible. Calculate your tax deduction using the online tax credit calculator.

Many awards are established in honour, in memory or in celebration of a family member, friend or colleague to commemorate the accomplishments of someone who has touched your life. An endowed award will carry the honoree’s name in perpetuity.

Bursaries assist students with tuition based expenses for academic programs, summer and after-school programs. The primary consideration in the selection for your bursary’s recipients would be financial need.

Scholarships are merit-based awards that assist students with the cost of continuing their education. These awards are specified for students already attending Beyond Montessori School or the Roots of Montessori School Erdkinder Program.

Student Awards or Prizes
Awards and prizes are awarded to students for academic excellence or achievement in a particular subject area or demonstrated excellence in a range of non-academic fields, including community service, student leadership, volunteerism, and athletic or artistic performance.

Endowments create meaningful legacies. They provide stable, dependable funding for Roots of Montessori programs, students and community.

Endowments provide much-needed ongoing support for:

  • scholarships
  • bursaries
  • student programs
  • summer camps
  • teaching support and training

An endowment generates long-term support for Roots of Montessori, for this generation and generations to come. Your gift is invested for the long term, and the annual interest from your gift is distributed according to the terms you have established. These terms are captured in the Endowment Trust Agreement, which is signed by you and the President of Roots of Montessori.

Endowments help to transform those receiving our assistance and educational benefits building a strong foundation for the future. They provide enduring resources that benefit both students and the community.

Creating a New Endowment

You may create a new endowment in any program at Roots of Montessori. This fund will be named for you, or you can choose to name your endowment in honour of or in memory of a family member, friend, organization or colleague.

Reporting on Existing Endowments

Every year, Roots of Montessori will provide a summary report for each endowed fund to the designated donor contact. It will include information regarding the impact of the endowment relating to students, programs and the community. The report will also detail the financial activity in the endowment account for the previous fiscal year.

Please visit our In-Kind Donations page for full information.

How do I set up a gift by will and are there associated tax benefits?

The process of leaving a gift of any size in your will is straightforward. Your lawyer or notary prepares a new will or adds a codicil to your existing one. As part of this, you decide the type of gift you wish to give to Roots of Montessori:

  • Specific Bequest: You designate a specific dollar amount, or piece of property, such as real estate, stocks, bonds or works of art that you wish to give to Roots of Montessori.
  • Residual Bequest: You donate all or a portion of your estate to Roots of Montessori after all your debts, taxes, expenses and other specific bequests have been paid.

Gifts by will are tax deductible. Your estate receives a donation receipt for the value of the bequest at the time of your passing. This can substantially reduce or even eliminate the taxes owing on your final tax return.

May I choose the area I wish to support with my gift?

You may simply assign your gift to Roots of Montessori, allowing the organization to direct it to an area of greatest priority. However, Roots of Montessori is unique in that we are involved in many areas within the community. As such, we provide donors with the opportunity to contribute in a meaningful way to any area they feel passionate about, including: student support; individual specialized programs, French bilingualism education; music, arts and culture; sustainability and the environment; Erdkinder education; leadership and entrepreneurship. Whatever you choose, with Roots of Montessori you will make a lasting impact.

May I endow my gift?

Giving a non-endowed gift allows Roots of Montessori to expend your gift as needed on projects important to you and Roots of Montessori. You may also choose to have Roots of Montessori endow your gift, so that only the income earned on the principal amount of the gift is used. Often created as a memorial, an endowed gift may be established in your name or in the name of a friend or loved one and will last in perpetuity.